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We offer hundreds of different types and colours of carpets for purchase and installation. Offering great customer service and affordable pricing we strive to give you the service you deserve. As carpets come in all different colours and types, the possibilities are endless, however here at Carlisle Carpets Direct we can give our opinion on what type of carpet would be suitable for a certain room.

Offering affordable pricing on all of our carpet range we can offer great prices combined with great customer service and professional fitting of any carpet. If you are looking to get a new carpet or install carpet where another material has previously been fitted then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and talk to one of our experienced qualified staff about your requirements.

We have experienced and qualified staff that can fit your carpet to the highest standards, making it look as good as it can and will make the carpet last longer than it would if fitted by someone that isn’t a professional.

Although carpets come in different thicknesses, quality, softness and sizes we have been in the flooring business for almost 25 years and there doesn’t tend to be a requirement that we haven’t seen and delivered before. As an established business with a proven track record we are second to none.

The underlay we provide is called 'Rich Step' light easy to handle warmer and better at sound absorption and from the customers point of view it feels wonderful under a carpet.

Roll Ends
At Carlisle Carpets Direct we also stock a number of roll ends which you can purchase straight away. You can either fit these yourself or we can fit them for you. Fitting costs will depend on size of roll end and also any underlay or grippers needed.

Opening times:
Sat: 10.00am – 3:00pm

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